Terrified to fail

by Russ Hill on March 3, 2010

Every week my 3rd grader brings home a weekly progress report.

He’s a smart kid who is enrolled in an advanced learning program.  Yet, he struggles to apply himself in the areas that don’t interest him (sound familiar – isn’t that all of us?).

Tonight, he came home with the first weekly progress report to show an “F.”

My wife had a meeting to be at tonight, so guess who got to have the “what is this grade all about” conversation?  I waited until after bath time and when the younger kids were already in bed.  And, then, I sprung the question on him.  “Where’s your weekly report card?”

You would have thought his puppy died.  My 8 year old did everything he could to keep me from looking at the paper with the “F” on it.  He begged me not to look.  He cried and pleaded.  And, I insisted he hand it to me.  He did, and then collapsed on the family room floor in tears.

Failure is such a tough topic.

And, yet, it’s such an essential part of growth.

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