What can social networking do for me?

by Russ Hill on March 7, 2010

Someone asked me today… so, how can social media help me?

This person is a small business owner who, after more than a year of suffering through this miserable economy, adjusted his business model to meet today’s economy.  Since he made those moves, his business has been BOOMING.  His phone won’t stop ringing.

So, I asked him, what’s your presence like online?

His response… I’ve got a website.

Great… that’s a start.

The Internet is incredible for moving product, but it’s even better for building brands.  So, here’s the question: how is your profile online?  How are you positioned online?  When someone is looking for you what do they find?  Are you using the internet to not only move product but also to build YOUR identity.

I’m not talking about your company.  I’m talking about YOU.

Use the web to show off what you know.  Use it to loudly proclaim your vast experience.  Use it to teach and train.

When it comes to the digital world, most of us haven’t even been born yet.  We might exist amongst our current customers, our current audience, and our companies.  But, how many POTENTIAL customers know we’re THE expert?  How many people outside our company know we’re the expert?

That’s what social networking can do for you.

I’m more than happy to help point you in the right direction to get started.  I can shoot you my “social network” set up guide.

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