Ticketmaster on steroids

by Russ Hill on March 8, 2010

Still not quite figuring out this social networking scene?

Here’s a GREAT case study that I predict is about to explode.

TechCrunch is reporting that online ticket seller Eventbrite appears to be partnering with Facebook.  I’m betting most people reading this blog have never heard of Eventbrite.  Here’s the deal.  Think of it as Ticketmaster for the common man.

You get on Eventbrite, create an event, and they enable you to sell tickets for it.  For example, a teenage band in your neighborhood wants to put on a concert at the nearest hangout.  They go onto Eventbrite and suddenly they’re selling tickets.  After the event, Eventbrite sends the band a check while keeping a percentage for the service fee.

Super cool, right?

Well, think of the prospect of Facebook teaming up with Eventbrite.  Wow.

Now, people are creating events on Eventbrite, setting up ticket purchase plans, and then using the power of friend networks on Facebook to push people to buy the tickets.

That’s the power of social networking.  Companies are now beginning to find ways to monetize these connections that people are making on social sites.

We all know people who laugh off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.  Maybe you’re one of them.  The thought is… “who wants to connect with their old high school buddies anyway?”

The problem is people are connecting with their old high school buddies. But, they’re also building major communities with coworkers, former colleagues, industry peers, neighbors, clients, etc online.

And, people with business minds out there are finding ways to monetize the connections.

And, once again, a small upstart will likely change everything for a long standing titan.  Just went to Ticketmaster.com and saw no ability to connect with my friends there.

Assuming, the reports of their partnership are accurate, I can’t wait to see what Eventbrite and Facebook can do together.

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