Earth Days Movie to Debut on Facebook

by Russ Hill on March 21, 2010

Hollywood’s financial problems are no secret these days.

While the huge studios try to innovate, it’s once again an outsider that is showing them the way to utilize social networks to market a film.

Earth Days is a documentary made by PBS and set to air on the network next month.  The movie documents the founding of the Hug a Tree movement in the U.S.

The subject of the movie bores me, but the campaign around its debut should be noted by everyone in media.  Instead of just running a bunch of promos during PBS NewsHour or some other sleepy show on public broadcasting and drawing an audience of the 60+ crowd, the creators of the film decided to generate some buzz and broaden the audience.

They decided to use the power of social networking.

PBS found a “social solutions” company, Brand Networks, whose marketing slogan is “recruit, engage, and reward networks of fans, friends, and followers.”  Isn’t that what all media programs, networks, sites, stations, and personalities should be doing right now?  Social networking allows companies and individuals to create and reward a community of followers easier than ever (and cheaper than ever).

So, eight days before the movie Earth Days comes to a PBS station near you, it will debut on Facebook during a live event in which the film’s crew will be engaged in a live chat with viewers to answer their questions and read their critiques.


The next time your company, show, network, or station wants to do something new make sure someone in your group is charged with asking “how can we leverage social networking and generate some buzz?”

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