Read Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It Book

by Russ Hill on March 21, 2010

There are few things in life I enjoy more than making a discovery.

Gary Vaynerchuk‘s book, Crush It, is one of the biggest discoveries I have made ever.  Period.

Since stumbling on Crush It on iTunes a month ago I have talked about it nonstop.  I’ve sent emails to friends, peers, and family telling them they have to download the audiobook, purchase the hard copy, or purchase it on their Kindle.  Those who have followed my advice have a similar reaction to mine.  Those who haven’t are missing out like they can’t believe.

So, what is this book all about?

It’s about the fact that the world has changed.  No, really, it has in profound ways and while there are too many articles, books, speeches, etc that make this bold declaration Gary Vaynerchuk actually delivers the proof.

Crush It is about Gary’s rise to fame in the online world.

I’d guess none of you have heard of him.  But, thousands have and they’ve made him rich.

Gary Vaynerchuk took his father’s New York liquor store from a million dollar a year business to an online enterprise that’s now generating more than $50 million every 12 months.  Gary did it by understanding the power of turning yourself into a brand.  His book is about how the truly successful in the new world are the ones who understand what they’re passionate about, pursue it, and utilize the Internet to create and build communities of followers.

Many of my friends in the corporate world hold themselves back by not viewing themselves as independent contractors hired by companies for their speciality.  Too many don’t understand they are experts who should be treated by those around them as such.  Instead, they see themselves as faceless employees drawing a paycheck.  Their future is limited by this approach.

Gary’s book, Crush It, can help you change.

Too many of us live and work in bubbles.  Those immediately around us know our passions, our expertise, our accomplishments, and our potential.

The Internet, and more importantly, social media tools, make it incredibly easy to pop that bubble and expose ourselves to the world.

If you’re using Facebook ONLY to tell others where you bought your morning coffee, who you’re cheering for in the big game, or what you thought of Avatar, then you’re missing the point.  Yes, Facebook is great for all those things and should be utilized that way.

But, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, etc can also be used to introduce yourself to the world.  Most of us don’t exist in the online world.  No one, except for those in our bubble, know who we are and what we’re remarkable at.  And, yet we sit back wondering why we’re stuck in our jobs or how and if we’ll ever get ahead.

Gary Vaynerchuk is waiting to help you.

Post a comment after you read his book.  I’m anxious to read your reaction.

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