Seth Godin asks: Are you an artist?

by Russ Hill on March 25, 2010

About to finish Seth Godin’s latest book.  What is this, like #298 in his series of quick reads?

This one drags on like many of his others.  But, like most of the others it also raises some unique points and makes you think.

Linchpin is a VERY different read than Crush It, which I reviewed a couple days ago, however it has a similar point.

Godin’s take is this: artists are who are most valued in today’s business climate.  He argues that American schools, universities, and businesses changed over the last 100 years and now produce cogs in a machine.

He says most people are paid to do certain tasks, follow a manual, and fill roles where they are easily replaceable.  No one is standing out.

Godin argues that those will be most successful are those who act as linchpins in an organization.  They go against the grain.  They ask the tough questions.  They don’t follow the manual.  They create value by creating art.  No not that type of art.  His definition is much broader.

I’ll leave the detailed book reviews to the Amazon faithful, but I have valued the book.  I haven’t really learned anything new, but some old ideas are reinforced.

I’ve always… well, not always… but for years, I’ve viewed myself and those of us in media as artists.  Reporters, editors, anchors, talk hosts, sales people, etc that I work with daily are all artists.  Well, the truly great ones are.  They seek to go outside the lines.  They make a point of being unique.  They don’t fit in a mold.  They have no fear.  They add the most value.

If you don’t think that way… or if you’re not sure how to be someone like that, pick up Godin’s book.

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