What is the core of our business?

by Russ Hill on March 31, 2010

Every company is having conversations about how to adapt to change.  Fact is the changes around us are too big for any of us in any industry to ignore.

In traditional media, where I work, the urgency of the conversations has changed.  The fact is radio is not a growing medium.  There is no buzz around our medium.  Sure, there are personalities, like Glenn Beck, who are generating a lot of chatter, but the medium itself is only going to experience audience erosion over the long term.  No, this isn’t one of THOSE posts.  I’m an optimist.  Fact is there are huge opportunities all around us and we have a great head start.

At Bonneville, we spend a good deal of time discussing how we need to adapt.

With that in mind, I read this statement in a KILLER new book:  “The core of your business should be built around things that won’t change.  Things that people are going to want today and ten years from now.  Those are the things you should invest in.  When you focus on permanent features, you’re in bed with things that never go out of style.”

The quote comes from “Rework,” a must-read that I’m going to have much more to say about soon.

But, when I read that quote above I stopped and spent a long time thinking about it.

The core of our business is not radio.  Well, at some companies it is.  For the companies that are going to thrive in the future it can’t be.

So, what is the core of our business?

I could argue several things here.  The GMs, market managers, and executives who are reading this right now are thinking, “our core is connecting our clients with potential customers.”

The program people are thinking, “it’s entertaining, informing, or engaging an audience.”

So, what is it?  Is it both?  Is it neither?

All I know is that the companies and individuals who are going to thrive in this era of monumental change (and can we quit debating whether it’s really this significant of a sea change we’re going through) are those who firmly grasp the core of what we do and make sure that core is something that will not change.

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