855,000 Facebook Fans & Growing

by Russ Hill on April 19, 2011

Today, I want to spotlight a company that is doing a bang up job building a community on Facebook.

Too often, companies forget that the purpose of social media is to build a community. Sell your product or talk about your wonderful company on YOUR website. But, use Facebook and Twitter to talk about your customers, or what your customers are interested in.

Life is GoodIn today’s video I show you how the relatively small clothing company Life is Good has managed to assemble more than 855,000 fans on their Facebook fan page.

Click here to see the video on YouTube.

As you’ll see in the video, there are three things they’re doing remarkably well on Facebook:

  • Posting content that their fans are interested in (in this case it’s motivational or inspirational sayings)
  • Posting a ton of pictures and videos from behind the scenes that make the brand become real and approachable (NO glamour shots!)
  • Posting stories written by their customers

As I show you in the video, there’s one gaping hole in Life is Good’s Facebook strategy, though:

  • Listening and responding to customers’ comments and questions

You’ll notice that Life is Good is NOT using Facebook to sell their product.  They don’t talk about themselves.  Instead, they make their social media presence about the members of the community they’re building.

Watch the video here, or see the HD version on YouTube.

Life is Good’s Facebook strategy is a tremendous example of how Facebook can be used to build a community of followers.  Remember, Facebook is about engagement, not selling.

Too many companies are using the social site to talk about themselves and then wondering why they’re not gaining more followers.

The secret is Engagement.

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