About Russ Hill

You asked for it.

Who is Russ Hill?

I’m a family man with four kids and a great wife.

Meeting Walter Cronkite

Meeting Walter Cronkite

I’m a story teller at heart. I’ve told stories from as far away as Banda Aceh, Indonesia.  I’ve met people and experienced things as a reporter that have profoundly shaped who I am.

I’m a former broadcasting suit who has worked with some incredible teams building brands that attracted millions of followers in several U.S. cities.

I now spend most of my time working at a great growth company, at the lake, in the mountains, hanging out with my amazing wife and kids, and serving in the Mormon church.

I love to create.  Maintaining bores me.

I try to live in the future.

I’m entrepreneurial minded.  More gets done that way.  Faster.

I’m competitive.  If it’s worth doing then We Will Win.

I don’t believe in doing it better. I believe in doing it differently.

Enjoying the Arizona mountains

I’m a team builder.  I thrive on finding the best.  The brightest.  And, help them soar.

I believe in the Power of One.

I’m the religious type.  Yes, I believe.

I’m trying to be the change I want to see in the world.

I am a native Texan who has learned over the years that I love to visit the East but belong in the West.


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